The Next Generation of Tech Support

What We Do

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We provides next generation IT support with quality service that is safe and secure at reasonable prices. 

Our goal is for our trained technicians to fix most common computer related problems without needing to physically be in front of the computer.

With new technology it makes it possible for a technician to be granted permission to access the your computer through a secure internet connection.  This secure internet connection allows the technician to take over your mouse, keyboard and monitor so they can see what you see and tackle any issue that may happen to come up.


Our Values


Our values are to provide the utmost professional services while focusing on the security and privacy of all customer data.

Customers' data is never sold to third-parties and/or used for advertising purposes unless permitted by the customer first, ie. mailing list, social networks, and media outlets.

Remote session are recorded for qulity of service and are removed after 60 days.

About - Reset the Net



Reset the Net, (Fight for Future) is an effort to preserve internet rights and privacy. On June 5th 2013, Edward Snowden revelaed shocking information that the NSA spies on everybody, their email, phone calls, chat logs, and everything you do on the internet. A year later we are still fighting to protect our rights. Reset the net is a global event running all around the world today, to protest against mass surviellence and raising awareness to people.

We are going out on the street, telling people about privacy and how to be secure.  

Big-O(Support) is a proud sponsor of Reset the Net.