The Next Generation of Tech Support

Why use remote support services from BigO(Support).

SupportService3 Reasons Why You Should Use Remote Suport from BigO(Support):

1) Majority of Computer Problems Can Be Fixed Remotely:
Most computer problems can be resolved without the need for an onsite visit. BigO(Support) is able to remotely access your system, with your permission of course, and take care of your problems for you, quickly and safely. Even better, we can do this for you wherever you go - even if you're on the other side of the world!

2) Remote Computer Support is Cost-Effective:
By accessing your computer remotely our technicians are able to work on other task while virus scans or system updates run saving you countless hours of down time that is normally billed. It also allow for you to pay only the minutes the technician actual works, no minimum fees or travel fees.

3) Faster Response Time:
Our technicians are on standby ready to help with any situation you find yourself in. Have your problems fixed at your schedule not when a technician can pencil you in. When taking your computer to a store you could be left without it for days or sometimes weeks. Our technicians are normally able to solve your problems within the same day, without the computer ever needing to leave your sight.

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