The Next Generation of Tech Support

Ever worry about "what might happen if..."? Now you don't have to. Never lose a file, folder, or version ever again. You can automatically back-up everything, or select specific folders to back up at a scheduled time. You have full flexibly and the freedom of control with SpiderOak.

SpiderOak creates an easy way to sync data between your phones, laptops, and tablets. You can drag and drop files/folders into your SpiderOak Hive folder, or - for greater control - select specific folders to sync across all your devices.

Have that folder of photos you want to share with mom, or a document you need to pass to a colleague? Use SpiderOak to put multiple folders into a share and/or send a direct link to a file, anytime. And no need to worry... everything is password-protected.

We provides the ability to utilize cloud technologies while retaining that precious right we call privacy. Our 'zero-knowledge' privacy environment ensures only you can see your data. No one else can gain access. Not our staff. Not a government. This orientation makes it impossible for us to betray your trust.  Download SpiderOak - Online Backup and Sync Free through this link and we both get 1GB extra storage for life!